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  Designs by Kaska   Fine Art Jewelry by Kaska Firor

Wire is magical.  The ability of this simple form, the line, to transform into infinite shapes and textures never stops to inspire my imagination. In designing my jewelry, I use traditional and innovative wire techniques as well as those borrowed from the textile and basket weaving arts.  Knitting, weaving, crocheting and manipulating the wire, I constantly look for new and more challenging ways of using and combining the techniques, as well as interesting ideas for incorporating stones, beads and other elements into my designs. My inspiration comes from many sources: endlessly varied shapes in nature, interesting architectural elements, everyday objects, beautiful tools, graceful musical instruments, other artists’ and craftsperson's work, and many other things in the rich world around me. My goal is to create pieces that are visually complex, provide tactile variety and inspire curiosity. 

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